• 1st place: Royal pork demiglas sauce

      1st place: Royal pork demiglas sauce

      880 yen

      It is soft dish soaked with chopsticks and stewed in red wine.

    • 2nd place: happiness omurice

      2nd place: happiness omurice

      1000 yen

      Popular menu which is frequently introduced in TV · magazines.Demigurasusu omu rice type of opening omelets.The photo above shows after opening the omelet.(Dinner BAR time)

    • Fresh seafood carpaccio

      Fresh seafood carpaccio

      980 yen

      We serve only when delicious fish are caught!

    • Various omelets

      Various omelets

      750 yen

      Fluffy toro to receive compliments.Exquisite taste.The recommendation of this month is "Omelet of Sakura Shrimp and Ume Crispy"

    • Message dessert plate

      Message dessert plate

      1200 yen

      We will also produce birthday celebration for customers who order a la carte orders.With inspirational production ♪ "WHO'S BIRTHDAY?"

  • [Kushiba popular menu Best3]

    • Various raw sausages.Speaking of beer sausage! Speaking of sausage, beer!

      Various raw sausages.Speaking of beer sausage! Speaking of sausage, beer!

      800 yen

      What a nice pinnacler !! Tentatively ...

  • 【Via Hole Course Contents】

  • [Salad]

    • Caesar of raw ham and boiled egg

      Caesar of raw ham and boiled egg

      880 yen

      Julius Caesa was saying.The rhino was thrown!

    • Salad with tomato and Chinese jellyfish

      800 yen
    • Crispy bacon salad with mizuna

      700 yen

      It was a salad I ate for the first time.

    • Avocado and hot salad with potatoes

      700 yen
    • Salad and radish salad

      760 yen

      Things like this I feel refreshed if I suffer

    • HIYAYAKOKO Salad

      650 yen
    • Stick salad

      600 yen
  • [Antipasto]

    • Lotto Omelette

      Lotto Omelette

      700 yen

      Fuwa toughroot is safe

    • Cheese omelette

      750 yen
    • Spicy (^ ^) Russian Takoyaki

      660 yen

      I do not want anyone to be noticed

    • Camembert grill of fire

      780 yen

      It was those days that burned hot

    • Cream cheese brat

      500 yen
    • French fries

      580 yen

      Cattenchio! It's iron wall

    • Cheese platter small

      750 yen
    • Cheese platter

      1200 yen
  • [Vegetables]

    • Healthy gratin of warm vegetables

      780 yen
    • Tofu and tuna refining tailoring

      950 yen

      I'm eating tuna all the time ....It is me that eats coffee

    • Baron duck's oven cheese grill

      700 yen

      It is a demiglass simmered for 5 days.I did my best

    • Spicy grilled potato and bacon

      600 yen

      I flew far above the goal

  • [Seafood]

    • Prawn and avocados mayonnaise

      780 yen

      The matchmaker was grain mustard

    • White fish Esca Besh

      750 yen

      Shall I do it even with the Namba Natori appetizer system?

    • Scallop carpaccio

      950 yen
    • Ebie dumpling potato rolls Thai sauce

      770 yen
  • [Meat]

    • Tataki of horsemeat

      1200 yen
    • Trout meat beef stew

      Trout meat beef stew

      980 yen

      Mysterious power will come up

    • Calvi steak with scented ponzu

      980 yen

      It is a Calvi my child likes

    • Chicken fried chicken with ginger flavor

      780 yen
    • German Frank and Bacon Saute

      980 yen

      I remembered that person

    • Beef cutlet demyglas sauce

      1100 yen
    • A nostalgic ham cutlet

      450 yen
    • Spicy chorizo ​​grill

      650 yen
  • [Pasta & Pizza]

    • Beef demiglas pasta

      780 yen
    • Neapolitan


      780 yen
    • Carbonara

      780 yen
    • Japanese style pasta with mushrooms

      780 yen

      You will feel calm like you are in the country

    • Bacon Onion Pizza

      600 yen
    • Shigeru's Japanese style Mayo pizza

      600 yen

      Because I am from Shonan!

    • Pizza of raw ham

      660 yen

      Raw ham is a luxury item

    • Garlic toast

      500 yen
    • bucket

      200 yen
  • [Rice]

    • Rice ball croquette

      600 yen
    • Mushroom tomato sauce risotto

      700 yen

      It is a gift from the mountain god.But God is a whim

    • Shrimp Cream Risotto

      700 yen

      I will be healed by your kindness

    • Parmigiano cheese risotto

      800 yen

      Full of gratitude!

  • [Kushiage]

    • Assorted 5 varieties

      780 yen

      Shrimp · chicken scissors · salmon · pumpkin · crepe squid

  • [Snack]

    • MIX nuts

      500 yen
    • chocolate

      500 yen
    • Beef jerky

      700 yen
    • Doritos

      500 yen
  • [Dessert]

    • Fondant Chocolat

      680 yen

      The melting chocolate was gentle (tears)

    • sherbet

      350 yen