Course details

【All-you-can-drink premium only if you are authentic BAR】 3h // All you can drink with course

【All-you-can-drink premium only if you are authentic BAR】 3h // All you can drink with course

By using a coupon2300 yen

Information only for customers who use tax and courses

  • 2-30persons
Reservation deadline
Up to 20 o'clock yesterday on the day before the store visit
Available days for reservation
Monday - Sunday - Public holidays - Holidays

Only for customers who use course meal, you can enjoy all you can drink.All-you-can-drink extension is ¥ 1000 per person per hour. .It is a fulfilling plan that I can not think of all you can drink with deliciousness and variety.

Course menu

Plus the contents of the standard plan !!!

★ Draft beer

Lehvenbroy (Germany)

★ Sour

Lime · Lemon · Oolong · High · Green Tea · High Grapefruit High

★ Wine

House wine (red / white) · fruit sangria (red / white)

★ Spirits

(Jin) Bei Fighter · Bombay Sapphire · Tankare (vodka) Finlandia · Zubroka

(Lamb) Myers · Captain Morgan · Bacardi Black (Tequila) Sauza Silver

★ Standard cocktail

Gin tonic · Jimbak · Vodka · Ricky · Tequila · Back · Moscow · Cuba · Libre · Mexicola · Bulldog · Screwdriver · Solkburno · Shandigafuf · Spumoni

★ Wine Cocktail

Fruit sangria (red · white) · keel · strawberry keel · splitzer · kitty

★ Milk cocktail

Karoa Milk, Strawberry Milk, Banana Milk, Hazelnut Milk, Malibu Milk

★ Popular sweet cocktail for women

★ Other recommended fruit cocktail

Cassis (black), Dita (lychee), Peach tree (peach), Midori (melon), Passoa (passion fruit), Flamboya (woodpecker), Malibu (coconut), Bananu (banana) ☆ Soda and orange juice, ginger ale Divide by · · · Please consult the staff if you drink

★ Soft drink

Orange juice · grapefruit juice · ginger ale · oolong tea · cola

Ice tea · ice ole · pine · juice · mango · oolong tea HOT · ice coffee

【Whiskey】 Dewars · Chivas Regal · Wild Turkey · Jack Daniels · Brandy VSOP

【Shochu】 (Brown sugar) Ren and · (potato) sea child, Black Kirishima · (Shiso) Forge Tone (Awamori) Remaining wave

【Japanese sake】 One storehouse unscreened

【Plum wine】 Brandy plum wine

【Gin Base】 Jin Ricky · Martini Rock · Orange Blossom · Jin Lime · Negroni

【Vodka Base】 God Mother · Black Lucian

【Ram base】 Cuba Libre · Lamb back · Daiquiri cooler

【Tequila base】 Tequila tonic · El Diablo · tequila sunrise

【Whiskey Base】 High Bow · Cable Gram · French Connection · Godfather

【Beer Cocktail】 Panache Docks North

2018/11/13 update